Avah Devi Temple: A Spiritual Sanctuary in Hamirpur, HP

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Himachal Pradesh, known as Devbhoomi, has numerous sacred sites dedicated to various gods and goddesses, while being blessed with stunning natural beauty. Every year, countless devotees flock to Himachal Pradesh to immerse themselves in the spirituality of these revered sites and enjoy the mesmerizing scenery. Amidst the picturesque border area of Hamirpur and Mandi districts lies the marvelous Avah Devi Temple, a true gem of Himachal Pradesh.

Avah Devi Temple: A Spiritual Oasis

Situated on a hill just 24 km from Hamirpur, Avah Devi Temple is the highest point in the district. Situated at an altitude of 1237 meters above sea level, this divine site offers panoramic views of the surrounding area and showcases the natural splendor of the region. Locals have a deep faith in the Avah Devi Temple, which adds to its spiritual significance.


A refuge for believers

The Avah Devi Temple attracts a large number of Hindu devotees seeking the blessings and grace of the Goddess. Especially during Navratri, devotees flock to the temple grounds to participate in the divine celebrations. During Navratri, jagrans (nightly devotional gatherings) and bhandars (community festivals) are also held at the temple. In addition, a bhandara is held every fifth shradh, further enriching the religious experience.

History of Avah Devi Temple

The origins of this temple date back hundreds of years. Inside the temple is an ancient pindi representing Mother Jalpa. The temple also houses ancient idols of Gugga Pir. According to the temple priest, there is a fascinating story behind the temple’s existence. Two families, one from Mandi and the other from Hamirpur, used to work near the temple. One day, while plowing the fields, they hit a stone with their plow, which then emitted blood – an inexplicable phenomenon that quickly became the talk of the town. The divine Pindi then appeared, and the goddess appeared and asked for a place for herself. The people of Mandi claimed the Pindi for themselves and intended to bring it to their village. However, the people of Hamirpur vehemently insisted on placing it in their village. In the midst of the dispute, the Mandi people took the pindi and moved on. However, when they reached Avah Devi, they could not move the pindi any further. Despite their combined efforts, the pindi remained firmly rooted there. This impasse led to both factions getting together and finally deciding to establish the Pindi in Avah Devi. To this day, these two families are the main custodians and stewards of the temple and dutifully perform the rituals of worship.


The enigmatic Town of Avahdevi

Behind the name of the town of Avahdevi lies a mysterious story. It is said that strong gusts of wind often pass by this elevated place, the highest point of Hamirpur. One day, someone called out “Wah Devi” (“Wow, Goddess”), and since then the place has been known as Avahdevi, reflecting the awe-inspiring nature of its surroundings.

Mahatma Baba Shri Saravan Nath Ji: A Spiritual Pioneer

in 1965, Mahatma Baba Shri Saravan Nath Ji came from Nannyola village in Ambala district of Haryana. Fascinated by the captivating view, he chose this very place for his spiritual practice. Baba Ji had immense knowledge and imparted valuable education to the people of the surrounding villages. With the support of the local community, he initiated the construction of the Avah Devi Temple.

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Baba Ji’s Legacy

In addition to the temple dedicated to the Divine Mother, visitors will find the Samadhi (final resting place) of Baba Shree Saravan Nath Ji and his disciple Baba Shree Jot Nath Ji, as well as a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. After the death of Baba Saravan Nath Ji in 1980, Baba Jot Nath Ji and his disciple Baba Hans Nath Ji continued to reside nearby. Currently, Baba Nirmal Nath Ji, a disciple of Baba Hans Nath Ji, serves as the mahant (spiritual guide) of this sacred site. The Avah Devi temple attracts a large crowd during Navratri, Deepawali and other Hindu festivals. During Navratri, jagrans and bhandars are held with fervor. The popularity of the temple ensures a thriving local economy with some 250-300 stores catering to pilgrims. Former Chief Minister Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal Ji also considers the Avah Devi temple a Kuldevi (family deity) and arranged for its beautification during his first term. The pindi installed in the Avah Devi temple, known as Jalpa Pindi, and the temple itself are collectively referred to as the Jalpa Devi temple.

How to reach the Avah Devi Temple

To reach the Avah Devi Temple, there are transportation options from the city of Hamirpur. Hamirpur has bus connections to major cities like Delhi, Amritsar, Dehradun, Haridwar, Ambala and Chandigarh. The nearest railway station to Hamirpur is located approximately 70 km away in Una. Furthermore, Kangra’s Gaggal Airport, situated around 83 km from Hamirpur, serves as the closest airport for those traveling by air.

Embark on a Spiritual Journey to Avah Devi Temple

Avah Devi Temple in Himachal Pradesh beckons spiritual seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. With its ethereal beauty, divine aura, and centuries-old traditions, this sacred haven promises an unforgettable experience. Pay homage to the revered Goddess, immerse yourself in the local folklore, and behold the awe-inspiring vistas that surround Avah Devi Temple.

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