Gobind Sagar Lake

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Gobind Sagar

Gobind Sagar Lake is an artificial lake which is located in the Bilaspur District of Himachal Pradesh, India. The lake got created on construction of the Gobind Sagar Dam on the river Sutlej, which is one of the largest rivers in the northern India. Gobind Sagar Lake is named after Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru. Sutlej river is also the origin of the world-famous Bhakra Dam, regarded as one the world’s greatest gravity dams, climbing to whopping elevation of almost 225.5 m from its foundations.

Irrigation and power was one of the critical needs of the country in the early years after India’s independence. This Gobind Sagar was one of the biggest projects and was built for the purpose of hydroelectric power generation and for providing much needed water for irrigation to Punjab, Himachal and other Northern states of India.

Who Built Bhakra Nangal Dam

In 1952, the American Dam Builder MH Slocum came from the US to take over the reins as the primary construction adviser for the Bhakra Nangal dam. From January of the following year, the building of the dam started and was finished in 1963. This is what Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru first Prime Minister of India said about the Bhakra Dam in Bilaspur:-

“Bhakra Nangal Project is something enormous, something stupendous, and also something that shakes you up once you view it. Bhakra, the temple of resurgent India, is the emblem of India’s progress”

Bhakra Dam Water Level keeps chaning from time to time and is often around 16000 ft. Durig monsoon the water level is brought down to prevent flooding.

Gobind Sagar Cultural and Religious Significance

In addition to the above, Gobind Sagar Lake is also significant from cultural and historical perspective. It is said that Guru Gobind Singh, who came here, meditated and wrote hymns while overlooking the lake. Today, the lake has become an important pilgrimage site for Sikhs from all over the world.

Govind Sagar Lake Reservoir Popular for Water Sports and Angling

Gobind Sagar lake and the dam is today a popular tourist spot, attracting visitors from all over India and abroad. The lake is a popular spot for picnics, boating, and other water activities. The Govind Sagar lake reservoir is popular for varied water sports. Fishing is quite popular here and can be done on various fishing spots. There is a range of varieties of fishes. The Department of Fisheries provides licenses for fishing. The Tourism Department of Himachal Pradesh has assembled a constructed a Water Sports Complex in Bilaspur with facilities of boarding, accommodation, as well as types of equipment, are also provided.

River Rafting on Gobind Sagar Lake Area

Gobind Sagar Lake is a popular destination for adventure sports and angling activities. The lake offers a range of water-based activities, including boating, kayaking, and water-skiing. River rafting or white water rafting, has also made Bilaspur very popular. To get a dose of the adrenaline rush, one can go for rafting across the rapids of the river — Sutlej, directly from Rampur to Bilaspur, passing through the serpentine route in deep gorges, placid mountains, green alpine meadows, and thick woods, all forming a massive spectrum. Those who are new to these sports or don’t have any swimming experience can also enjoy this thrilling experience in an inflatable rubber dinghy, on a number of those milder rapids.

Tourists can also rent boats or hire guides to explore the lake and enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding hills and forests. In terms of angling, Gobind Sagar Lake is known for its rich fish population, which includes species such as trout, mahseer, and catfish. Anglers can rent fishing equipment and engage in catch-and-release fishing in designated areas around the lake.

Gobind Sagar : Haven for Migratory Birds

The surrounding hills and forests of Gobind Sagar make it a haven for bird-watchers, as it is home to a variety of migratory and resident bird species, including the black-necked crane and the bar-headed goose. Migratory birds flock to the lake during the winter months. The lake is home to a variety of migratory and resident bird species, including black-necked crane and bar-headed goose. Bird-watching is a popular activity around the lake,

To conclude, Gobind Sagar Lake is a stunning natural wonder that offers a unique combination of scenic beauty, cultural and historical significance. If you are a nature lover or bird watcher or an angler, then Gobind Sagar Lake is definitely worth a visit.

How to Reach Gobind Sagar Lake

Gobind Sagar Lake is easily reached by air, land or by road.  This is how.

By Air

One can fly to Shimla, Chandigarh and Bhuntar which are the nearest airports.  Shimla is located 85 km from here, Bhutar (Kullu) is at a distance of 131 whereas Chandigarh is 135 km from here.

By Train

The nearest broad gauge railway station is at a distance of 65 km,  located in Kiratpur Sahib,  Punjab.   The nearest narrow gauge railway station is at  Shimla, 85 km from Gobind Sagar Lake, Bilaspur.

By Road

Gobind Sagar Lake of Bilaspur is approachable by road from any place in Himachal and Punjab.  From Shimla it is 85 km and from  Chandigarh the distance is about 135 km.

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