Dal Lake Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh

Dal Lake Dharamshala
The Dal Lake is situated in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.  However there is another lake with a similar ...
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Discovery of the Dhankar Monastery: A Glimpse into the Past

Dhankar Monastery, aptly named "Dhangkar" in the local dialect, meaning "rock" and "cliff," is perched on a 1,000 foot mountain spur, offering an impressive view of the confluence of the Spiti and Pin rivers in Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh.
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Christ Church Shimla : An Architectural Marvel

Christ Church Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, is an architectural marvel of immense historical and cultural significance. Located on Ridge Road, the church is a prominent landmark and a symbol of Shimla's rich colonial heritage.
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Enchanting Lakes in Himachal

Nature has blessed this hill state with an abundance of beauty. Lush green forests, meadows, waterfalls and beautiful lakes in Himachal Pradesh. Here is the details of most famous lakes though exact number is still unknown.
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Highway Driving Tips in India

To ensure a safe and fun journey, it's crucial to follow certain guidelines. Here are some Highway Driving Tips in India which explains in detail precautions to be taken while driving on highways in India.
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AMS in Himachal Pradesh Mountains

Trekking requires you to venture into the higher regions of the Himalayas and gain altitude. However, all this sometimes carries the risk of acute mountain sickness (AMS).
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Chakund Lake

Chakund Lake is located just a few km from Saho Village in Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh. It offers a mesmerizing view of the snow-capped peaks of Pir Panjal mountain ranges.
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Baglamukhi Temple Kangra A Historical and Religious Marvel

If you’re in search of a place to visit which is peaceful, calm and infused with the rich heritage ...
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