Khundi Maral Lake

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Khundi Maral Lake Chamba

khundi maral lake
Khundi Maral Lake

Himachal Pradesh is full of beautiful lakes and most of these are located at high altitudes where you reach only by walking on your feet and trekking. One such beautiful lake is the Khundi Maral Lake in Chamba Himachal Pradesh. This high altitude lake is located at an altitude of 3750m in Churah Tehsil and you reach here after some tough trekking. The entire lake is spread in a circumference of about 3000 sq mt area or 2 kms approx. Khundi Maral Lake is also known by its other names like Mahakali Lake and Chaurasi Ka Dal.

khundi maral lake in hp
Khundi Maral Lake in HP

Best Time to Visit Khundi Maral Lake in HP

The Manimahesh yatra which is very popular in Himachal and the nearby areas is held in the month of September every year. It is during this Manimahesh Yatra that pilgrims also visit the Khundi Maral lake. Khundi Maral Lake is located in the centre of Chamba and the yatra takes place every year. Most of these pilgrims come from nearby areas of Saho Gudiyal, Lith Belj and Chaju Loh Tikri as well as from other places. Khundi Maral Lake is held sacred to Goddes Maha Kali. It is believed that the Goddess emerged after splitting a hard rock at this place. The locals also believe that the Goddess also owns a large flock of sheep that can be seen grazing on the slopes near the lake.

How to Reach Khundi Maral Lake

3. There are three approaches to the lake which are from Chamba via Saho, Chajnju via Churah and via Lith from Bharmour. The Chajnju route is the easiest one. However, the popular route is from Chamba via Saho. Saho is just 16 km from Chamba. One has to take a bus from Chamba for Saho. At Saho shared taxis are available for a small village called Kurtha which is just 5 kms fromSaho. The trek for Khundi Maral starts from Kurtha. The trek will take you to Dugga via Supeka Dhar or meadows and thereon to the Mahakali Lake via Sia Jot Pass. You can return back from Mahakali lake to Chanju and then to Chamba.

The above is a trek cum pilgrimage by Shri Kuldeep Rajput to the Holy Khundi Maral Lake

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