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Una is one of the nine districts of the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. Una lies in the South Western part of the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh, located at the foothills of the Himalayas in the Shivalik hills and its terrain is generally a semi-hilly area with low hills. A look at the geography of Himachal Pradesh reveals that on one side, Una shares its border with District Hoshiarpur and District Rupnagar (Ropar) in the neighbouring state of Punjab.  On the other side, within the state of HP, it shares its borders with districts of Kangra, Hamirpur and Bilaspur. 

Una in Himachal Pradesh is famous for its industrial hub.  It is also a transit town for travellers going on their way to  Dharamshala, Kullu, Manali, Mandi, Jawalamukhi and Chintpurni. 

There are five tehsils in Una namely Amb, Ghanari, Bangana Haroli and Una.  There are many famous temples in Himachal Pradesh and many of these holy temples are in Una.  Mata Chintapurni Temple in Himachal is famous all across the nation and pilgrims come to seek blessings from far and wide.  There is a huge crowd of devotees here especially on weekends and on special religious days.

There is a historical Fort known as Kila, which is considered to be the ancestral home of the descendants of the first Sikh Gur Nanak Devji.

The altitudes vary from more than 408 meters in city Una to over 1000 meters in Chintpurni. Una district is bounded by the river Beas on the north and the river Satluj in the east, the Swan River which is basically seasonal river flows 65 km right across the Jaswan Valley towards the south until it submerges in the Sutlej river near Anandpur.  Una is full of flora and fauna as the area covers mostly forest zone of Pines and Devdar trees. Una is home of many species of birds, Nilgai, Wild Pig, deer, porcupine and Leopard also.

The climate of Una district is mostly sub-tropical. Most parts of the year remains cool due to winter season in October to February. Summer starts from March and remains till July. July to September remain mostly rainy due to Monsoon effect in the region.  The temperature hits between -3.5 degree Celsius in winter to 48 degree Celsius in summer.

The average rainfall is 1253 mm. The highest peak of the district Chintpurni also witnessed heavy snowfall in 2012.

Places to see in Una

Thee is also Mahakaali Temple is a temple situated in Rakkar Colony, Una dedicated to the Goddess Mahakali & Lord of Lords Mahakaal.   Bhadurkali Mata Mandir, Guga Jahar Peer, Dera Baba Barbhag Singh MAIRI, Dera Baba Rudru in Nari village; Radhe Krishna Mandir, founded by Baba Bal, Kotla Kalan; Baba Moni temple, Ghanari Jogi Panga: Dharamshala Mahanta; Dhunsar Mahadev Temple, Talmehra; Pir Nigaha, Madanpur Basoli; Shivbari Temple, Gagret; Dmamiya, Ispur, Suhin Guga, Lohara Mandir are some other local temples. Ashatbhuja Mandir in village Panoh , made by Pandava is also a place where devotees from Himachal and Punjab seek blessings.

Brahmahooti, situated near Mehatpur, is one of the two temples in India dedicated to God Brahma, the other being in Pushkar, Rajasthan. This temple is situated close to a lake in the laps of hills.

Transport in Una, Himachal

Una is connected by road and only one railway line through Una that currently enters Una from Nangal (Punjab) and runs all the way to Amb. The NH-22 national highway passes through the city. Una is located just about 375 km (233 mi) north of New Delhi and 120 km (75 mi) from Chandigarh. The city is connected by a broad gauge railway line, which is the only one in the whole state. Two express trains (Himachal Express and Jan Shatabdi Express) connect it to Delhi daily. The nearest domestic airport is based in Chandigarh, and an airport with international operations is in Amritsar.

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