Dal Lake

Dal Lake Himachal Pradesh

The Dal Lake is situated in Kashmir. But, there’s a different lake, with a similar title that is situated in Himachal Pradesh. This lake is a little mid-altitude lake, situated at an elevation of 1,775 m over sea level, close to the village of Tota Rani, 10 kilometers from Dharamsala in district Kangra, HP. It’s a 2 km walk out of Macleodganj Bazaar.

Weather Dharamshala

The weather in Dharamshala is pleasant most of the year but as in all hill stations, it is best in summer.  If you happen to be here in the month of September, you can witness a local fair in Dal Lake where a substantial number of people, largely the gaddi tribe arrive at the location and observes the festival in honor of Lord Shiva. There’s the belief by locals that a dip inside this lake may cleanse you from all sins. Additionally, it is considered that anyone who is unable to stop by Manimahesh can have a dip and be purified of sins since the very water out of Manimahesh trickles down from beneath this lake.

Dal Lake Dharamshala Directions

The lake is surrounded by deodar trees and you can take pleasure in the refreshing and cool natural environs. The directions dal lake Dharamshala is easy,  it is on the way to Naddi, yet another beautiful location near Dharamshala.  From Dal Lake, another path branches off from towards a place called the Strawberry Hills, yet another mesmerizing place that may be explored. There are various sorts of fish in Dal Lake. This lake contains greenish water. An individual can easily get to the lake by bus, cab, or merely by walking. Even the dal lake is surrounded by deodar trees that provide the whole lake area a gorgeous appearance. An individual can appreciate the refreshing and cool natural environs here.   The dal lake Dharamshala weather is pleasant. 

Problems of Dal lake Dharamsala

Regrettably, over the decades as a result of anthropogenic and silting from the neighboring mountains, the lake has been swallowed off by a massive load of silt. Over 30 percent area of the lake has shrunk and turned into a meadow. Records show that in the past the area of the lake was 12,200 sqm. Unfortunately, as a result of silting, it’s been reduced to half. The depth of the lake was about 10 feet, which has also been decreased. Coupled with this, the natural method of purification of this lake also has got upset. The congestion of lake waters has adversely affected the natural cleansing system of this lake.

Conservation of Dal Lake Dharamsala

The Kangra district administration has started a mammoth initiative to conserve the Dal Lake which’s a natural water system and is essential for its ecosystem of the surrounding mountains. A huge operation with the assistance of the local people was started for resurrecting the lake. The silt which has been taken was utilized to make a parking lot close to the temple area. The natives volunteered for the task since the lake is sacred to them. But until check dams are built in the surrounding hills to halt the silt from flowing to the lake, the degeneration can’t be stopped. The initiative by the Kangra District administration and most of those involved, in the preservation and restoration of this beautiful natural lake, is both laudable and praiseworthy. Wish a comparable initiative is also taken in respect of some other ailing lakes like Khajjiar Lake in Chamba and Sanasar lake in the neighboring state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Dharamshala Airport

Dharamshala airport is located at Gaggal, Kangra. It is just 8 km from Kangra and 15 km from Dharamshala. Dharamshala is easily reachable from all the significant cities in India. Air India and SpiceJet have many flights connecting Dharamshala with other cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. If you are coming to Dharamshala from outside India, you need to catch a flight to one of those cities and board a connecting flight to Dharamshala.

Distances by road from Dharamshala to Nearby major Cities

Manali to Dharamshala Distance   – 230 km (takes 7 hours)
Chandigarh to Dharamshala Distance   – 240 (5 hours)
Pathankot to Dharamshala   – 86 kms (2 hours)
Delhi to Dharamshala Distance   – 470 km (9 hours)
Dharamshala to Shimla Distance   – 240 (6.5 hours)
Dharamshala to Amritsar Distance   – 200 (4 hours)
Dharamshala to Dalhousie Distance   – 118 (3.5 hours)

Places to Visit in Dharamshala

There are many places to visit in Dharamshala.  The distance from Dharamshala to some of the nearby tourist places are as under:-

Baijnath Shiv temple –  54
Bhagsunag falls         –  11
Bir     –  65
Chamunda Temple  –  15
Dharamshala Cricket Stadium  –  3
Dehra Gopipur  –  52
Dharamkot    –  11
Jawalamukhi Temple  –  54
Kareri Lake    –  22
Masroor   –  42
Nurpur   –  66
Palampur  –  45
Trilokpur   –  41
Triund   –  16

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